Blue Caiman

Blue Caiman

Swimmers in this group can complete 25 yards of each of the four strokes legally, and are beginning to learn how to read the pace clock and other training skills. The main emphasis of the Blue group consists of kicking, drilling and the further development of technical skills such as streamlining, starts and turns.  Athletes are expected to attend 2-3 workouts per week.

Required Equipment:
Kick Board
Water Bottle

Practice Schedule

Swimmers will be assigned and attend practice at one of two practice times.

Early Group - all practices at the YMCA location

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:00-6:15PM 5:00-6:15PM 5:00-6:15PM 5:00-6:15PM 5:00-6:15PM


Late Group - MTWTh practices at the O'Connell Center, Saturday morning practice at the 300 Club

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
7:00-8:15PM 7:00-8:15PM 7:00-8:15PM 7:00-8:15PM AM, TBA