National Gator

National Gator

This group constitutes the highest level within the Gator Swim Club team age group structure. Swimmers with the necessary skill, work ethic and desire are provided with a training program designed for success in national, and international level competition.  Athletes in this group have chosen swimming as their primary extra-curricular activity, and have achieved NSCA time standards.
This group requires a positive mental approach to the sport.  Athletes in this group are expected to be positive influences on the group and on Gator Swim Club.  This group has standards in attendance, practice performance, and meet performance.  Athletes must maintain over 90% attendance of 7-10 practices per week or as discussed and determined with coach. 

Required Equipment:
Kick Board
Pull Buoy
Water Bottle

Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5-7 am (OD) 6:00-7:30 am  (NE) 6-7:30 am   (NE)  6-7:30 am (NE) 5-7 am (OD) 6-8 am (NE)

5-7 pm 


5:30-7 pm (NE) 5:00-7:00 pm (NE) 5-7 pm (NE) 5-7 pm (OD)

Starting in September TBD.

(OD = O'Dome; NE = Northeast)